This is how the Lumorama works.

1. Chose the light source by dialling

0901 3920 11 for the light source at Schwarzsee
0901 3920 22 for the light source at Trockener Steg
0901 3920 33 for the light source at Rothorn
0901 3920 44 for the light source at Kleinmatterhorn (March 2011)
0901 3920 55 Superama - all light sources (March 2011)

2. With keys 1-9 of your phone you change the colour of the projected light. The standard colour is blue.


As long as you do not terminate your call, the last colour chosen by you will remain active. The maximum duration of your call
is 15 minutes.

After you hang up or if the time limit is exceeded, the light source will return to the standard colour blue.

3. Each call from a fixed telephone station will be billed CHF 2.00, and you will be allowed to play with the light for 60 seconds. Additional minutes cost CHF 2.00.  To this tax will be added the fee of your operator if you call from a mobile phone. The tariff for Surprise Fascination, which activates all four light sources simultaneously,  is CHF 5.00 per minute.

4. Apart from the playing and amusing effect brought to you by the Lumorama, it serves a noble purpose. Indeed, each call contributes to the fund in favour of the mountain Guides of Zermatt and their families in case of death or invalidity through accidents. The fund  is managed jointly by the Presidents of the Guides' Association and the Yeti-Club Zermatt as well as a third person elected by the them.

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